Cryptocurrency Market Loses $26.3B in 24 Hours, Bitcoin Below $21K

• The cryptocurrency market cap lost $26.3 billion in the last 24 hours, bringing the total market cap to $965.18 billion.
• Bitcoin and Ethereum’s market cap decreased by 2.21% and 3.55% respectively.
• Bitcoin fell below $21,000 following the FUD spread by the U.S. Department of Justice’s enforcement action.

The cryptocurrency market has seen a sharp decline in the last 24 hours, with a net outflow of $26.3 billion bringing the total market cap to $965.18 billion. This is 2.64% lower than the market cap of $991.48 billion recorded at the start of the reporting period.

The top two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have been hit hardest by this decline. Bitcoin’s market cap declined by 2.21% to $400.19 billion, while Ethereum’s market cap decreased by 3.55% to $186.29 billion. Other top 10 cryptocurrencies, such as Shiba Inu, Solana, and Dogecoin, recorded losses of 10.18%, 7.18%, and 6.65% respectively.

The market caps of Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) marginally declined to $66.48 billion and $43.11 billion respectively, while the market cap of BinanceUSD (BUSD) rose to $16.31 billion.

The biggest mover in the last 24 hours was Bitcoin. It fell 2.26% to trade at $20,743 as of 07:00 ET, and its market dominance jumped to 41.4% from 41.2%. Bitcoin’s decline below $21,000 was largely due to FUD spread by the U.S. Department of Justice’s enforcement action. Reports suggest that traders were scared that the DoJ was „honing in on something more drastic“ than the action taken against Bitzlato.

Overall, the crypto market has experienced a rapid decline in the last 24 hours, with Bitcoin and Ethereum being the worst hit. The market should be monitored closely in the coming days to see if the decline continues or if the market can recover.

WazirX Publishes Proof-of-Reserves Report, Revealing $285 Million in Crypto Assets

• Indian-based crypto exchange WazirX has published its Proof-of-Reserves (PoR) report, which shows it holds about $285 million worth of crypto assets.
• WazirX currently holds about 6.09 trillion SHIB tokens worth approximately $54.6 million, 1,356 Bitcoin worth about $23.6 million and 20,056 Ethereum valued at $26.6 million.
• About 90% of users‘ assets (worth $259.15 million) are held in wallets at Binance, while the remaining 10% ($26.54 million) are stored in hot and warm wallets.

Indian-based crypto exchange WazirX has recently published its Proof-of-Reserves (PoR) report, providing greater transparency into the exchange’s holdings and reserves. According to the report, WazirX holds a total of $285.7 million worth of crypto assets, with about 4,229 assets listed for trading.

Among these 4,229 listed assets, WazirX currently holds about 6.09 trillion SHIB tokens worth approximately $54.6 million, which accounts for 19.13% of total holdings. Additionally, it holds about 1,356 Bitcoin worth about $23.6 million and 20,056 Ethereum valued at $26.6 million.

In regards to users‘ assets, WazirX noted that about 90% of users‘ assets (worth $259.15 million) are held in wallets at Binance, while the remaining 10% ($26.54 million) are stored in hot and warm wallets. This ensures that WazirX has sufficient reserve funds to meet users‘ withdrawal demands at any time, as it has more than 1:1 reserve holdings of users‘ assets.

The move to publish its PoR report comes in the wake of the FTX collapse, as several other crypto exchanges including Binance, Kraken, and OKX have moved to increase their transparency by publishing their proof-of-reserve reports. WazirX’s publication of its PoR report is an indication of its commitment to providing a high level of transparency to its users, while also ensuring the safety of their assets.

Overall, the PoR report from WazirX illustrates the exchange’s commitment to transparency and providing a safe, secure trading experience for its users. It is likely that other exchanges will follow suit and publish their own reports in the near future.

Celsius Requests Expedited Hearing to Extend Deadline for Proofs of Claim

• Celsius has requested an expedited hearing for a motion to extend the deadline for submitting proofs of claim and grant related relief.
• The hearing will be held remotely via Zoom for Government on Jan. 10, at 11:00 am ET.
• Parties that wish to appear at the hearing must make an electronic appearance through the court’s website by 4:00pm ET on Jan. 9.

Celsius Network LLC and its affiliated debtors recently filed a motion on Dec. 30, 2022 to extend the Bar Date — the deadline for all customers to file a claim. This is due to the roughly $53 million spent on ‘administration expenses’ through the bankruptcy case, which sparked concerns from customers of the cryptocurrency platform. To allow customers to have the opportunity to recover their funds held in Celsius, an expedited hearing has been requested for the motion to extend the deadline for submitting proofs of claim and related relief.

The hearing will take place remotely via Zoom for Government on Jan. 10, at 11:00 am ET. It is important for all parties that wish to appear at the hearing to make an electronic appearance through the court’s website by 4:00pm ET on Jan. 9. The filing of the motion has caused a wave of emotions amongst users, some of whom expressed concern in the thread announcement. Fears included funds being wasted and “lawyers procrastinating for profit.”

The purpose of the motion is to give customers a chance to recover their funds held in Celsius, and it is important for those affected to be aware of this opportunity. The platform is providing users with a chance to have their claims heard and considered, although it is important to remember that cases like these can take a long time to be resolved. With this extension filed, customers can now wait longer before they are given the opportunity to recover their funds held in Celsius. In the meantime, customers are encouraged to stay informed and updated on any news regarding the motion and the hearing so that they can be sure their rights are being protected.

Crypto Startups See Dramatic 82.5% Drop in VC Funding in Dec. 2022

• Crypto startups raised $660 million in VC funding in December 2022, a decrease of 82.5% from December 2021.
• Infrastructure crypto firms received the largest share of funding in December 2022, at about 22%.
• Haun Ventures secured the highest funding of $1.5 billion in 2022.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain space saw a dramatic decrease in venture capital investments in December 2022. According to a report by Wu Blockchain, crypto startups raised $660 million in VC funding in December 2022, a steep decline of 82.5% from December 2021 ($3.76 billion). The number of crypto VC public investment projects in December 2022 was 50, a significant decrease of 68% compared to the 154 projects seen in December 2021.

This marked the lowest amount of venture capital investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in the last two years, highlighting the current bearish sentiment in the space. Infrastructure crypto firms received the largest share of funding in December 2022 at about 22%, followed by CeFi and DeFi sectors at 8% and 18% respectively, and NFT and GameFi at 16%.

Aztec Network was the most funded crypto firm in December 2022, with a total of $100 million in funding. Aztec Network is a Layer 2 privacy solution using ZK Rollup, and is followed by Fleek protocol at $25 million, and Web3 startup Nillion at $20 million.

The highest VC funding for a crypto firm in 2022 was secured by Haun Ventures with $1.5 billion. Huobi Global took second place with $1 billion in funding, and Flow ecosystem came in third with $750 million in funding. Although venture capital investments in blockchain startups reached a record high of $25.2 billion in 2021, the dramatic decrease in December 2022 serves as a reminder of the volatile nature of the space.

Sam Bankman-Fried Pleads Not Guilty in US District Court, Sets Trial Date for October 2023

• Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX, pleaded not guilty to the eight charges filed against him in the US District Court on Jan. 3
• The court granted SBF’s plea, giving him more time to assess the evidence against him
• The US District Court set a trial date for Oct. 2, 2023, following promises by US prosecutors that they would produce all evidence within four weeks

On January 3rd, 2023, Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX, appeared in the New York US District Court to plead not guilty to the eight charges filed against him. The court heard arguments from both sides and ultimately granted SBF’s plea, considering the threats his parents have received since FTX collapsed.

Judge Lewis Kaplan, who presided over the hearing, set a trial date for October 2nd, 2023, and also granted Bankman-Fried more time to assess the evidence prosecutors have against him. As part of the plea agreement, the US District Court stipulated that US prosecutors must produce all evidence within four weeks.

In addition to pleading not guilty, SBF was also granted bail for a record $250 million bond. As part of the bail conditions, he must be monitored constantly, undergo regular mental health checks, surrender his passport, and can’t move out of the Northern District of California. Furthermore, SBF has requested the court to allow him to travel to the United Kingdom and Israel while awaiting trial.

Overall, Bankman-Fried’s plea of not guilty to the eight charges filed against him in the US District Court is a big step forward in his defense. It gives him more time to assess the evidence prosecutors have and also allows him to travel to the United Kingdom and Israel while awaiting trial. With the trial date set for October 2nd, 2023, the future of Bankman-Fried and FTX remains uncertain.

Partition Find and Mount

Ermöglicht die Wiederherstellung von gelöschten oder verlorenen Partitionen durch einen Prozess des Auffindens und Montierens von Partitionen.

Über diese Software

Diese Software sucht nach bestimmten Signaturen von Partitionen, indem sie das Speichermedium scannt, auf dem die Suche nach verlorenen oder gelöschten Partitionen läuft. Es gibt drei verschiedene Scans, die angewendet werden können. Ein schneller intellektueller Scan, ein normaler Scan und ein gründlicher Scan, wobei schnell der schnellste und gründlich der längste ist. Jeder Scan geht mehr in die Tiefe, beginnend mit dem schnellen intellektuellen Scan und endend mit dem gründlichen Scan. Schnelle intellektuelle Scans sind empfehlenswert, da sie zuverlässig sind und die gesamte Festplatte in nur wenigen Sekunden scannen. Normale Scans dauern 1 bis 5 Minuten und überprüfen alle Bereiche der Festplatte, in denen Partitionierungstools den Anfang einer Partition platzieren dürfen. Es kann jedoch sein, dass Partitionen nicht gefunden werden, wenn sie mit nicht standardmäßigen Partitionierungstools erstellt wurden. Ein gründlicher Scan kann bis zu mehreren Stunden dauern. Gründliche Scans suchen in jedem Sektor des Laufwerks nach gültigen Partitionen. Die gründliche Überprüfung wird empfohlen, wenn die normale Überprüfung keine Ergebnisse liefert. Nach Abschluss eines Scans wird die vollständige Liste der gefundenen Partitionen angezeigt. Alle gefundenen Partitionen können dem System hinzugefügt werden. Um sicherzustellen, dass die Daten der Partitionen nicht durch das Betriebssystem, Software oder Malware verändert werden, werden alle Partitionen im schreibgeschützten Modus gemountet. Dateien auf diesen Partitionen können nicht verändert, sondern nur kopiert werden.


Möglichkeit, ein binäres Abbild einer beliebigen Partition zu erstellen
Möglichkeit, ein Abbild der gesamten Festplatte zu erstellen
NTFS- und FAT-Dateisysteme werden unterstützt
Unterstützt nicht standardisierte Festplattenlayouts
Arbeitet mit dem Master Boot Record (MBR)
Kostenlos für den persönlichen Gebrauch
Partition Find and Mount ist bekannt für seine einfache Bedienung, die Sicherheit Ihrer Daten und den Erfolg. Partition Boot hat viele Erfahrungsberichte von Kunden, die den Erfolg und die Zuverlässigkeit von Partition Find and Mount belegen. Es sollte jedoch beachtet werden, dass Partition Find and Mount möglicherweise nicht funktioniert, wenn ein Dateisystem auf einer Partition oder die Festplatte selbst beschädigt ist.

Diese Software wurde ausgiebig mit großartigen Ergebnissen verwendet, sie wird für ihre einfache Benutzung, Sicherheit und die Tatsache, dass sie kostenlos ist, gelobt.

Bubble Shooter Spiele

Was sind Bubble-Shooter-Spiele?

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Das ursprüngliche Bubble-Shooter-Spiel kann auch als eine Art Puzzle-Bubble-Spiel oder als Arcade-Spiel betrachtet werden, da es viele ähnliche Elemente enthält. Als Spieler kannst du einen Strom von Blasen mit der Blasenkanone zerplatzen lassen, Münzen und Extrapunkte sammeln und spannende Levels in jedem Bubble Game abschließen. Schlage dich so weit wie möglich durch, um deinen Punktestand zu maximieren, bevor du keine Blasen mehr schießen kannst! Diese Bubble Trouble-Spiele können auch physikalische Spielelemente beinhalten, um den Winkel zu berechnen, den du brauchst, um die bunten Blasen abzuschießen.

Wenn du in diesem fesselnden Spielabenteuer tolle Level schaffst und eine hohe Punktzahl erreichst, möchtest du vielleicht noch mehr kostenlose und lustige Spiele spielen. Viele beliebte Bubble-Spiele findest du hier bei GameTop! Es gibt viele lustige Bubble Shooter Spiele für dich zur Auswahl, seien es klassische Bubble Shooter Spiele, Match-3 Bubble Spiele, Animal Bubble, Bubble Dragons Saga, Soccer Bubbles, und mehr!

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Bitcoin (BTC) reaches $ 1 trillion capitalization

Bitcoin’s total capitalization (BTC) first crossed the trillion dollar mark after more than a decade of development. Bitcoin is now around 10% of the capitalization of gold.

A trillion dollar asset

The total capitalization of Bitcoin Circuit exceeded $ 1 trillion for the first time on Friday. One year to the day, Bitcoin’s capitalization did not exceed $ 175 billion.

The price of BTC set a new record by surpassing $ 56,368 overnight Saturday , after rising 6.45% in the past 24 hours . This increase comes just 4 days after having exceeded for the first time the symbolic bar of 50,000 dollars.

After hitting a new price record, Bitcoin surpassed the capitalization of Chinese tech giant Tencent. The best-known cryptocurrency is now in sixth position in the ranking of the most capitalized companies in the world, just behind Google and Amazon.

Quantum Economics analyst Jason Deane said:

“Make no mistake, this is an incredibly important step. It adds significant weight to the asset class and makes it increasingly difficult for critics to dismiss it as a niche, experiment, or passing fad. Bitcoin is coming of age . “

The entire cryptocurrency market has a capitalization of approximately $ 1.7 trillion. Thus, Bitcoin alone represents more than 60% of the market .

Next step ?

On-chain data analyst Willy Woo suggested that the $ 55,000 threshold was a milestone for BTC as it reached 10% of gold market cap . Indeed, the precious metal has a capitalization of around 10.5 trillion dollars.

Analyst PlanB with 275,000 Twitter followers , also known by his username @ 100trillionUSD, has released several statistical models aimed at modeling the value of Bitcoin. According to the versions of the statistical model, Plan B estimates the price of Bitcoin at $ 288,000 (S2FX model), $ 100,000 (S2Fv2 model) and $ 55,000 (S2Fv1 model) in 2021. For a total capitalization of approximately 5,300 billion dollars for the most optimistic prediction.

The famous PlanB analyst very recently said:

“In the Old World, your money loses its value as governments debase currencies to finance their war and their welfare state. In the New World, Bitcoin rises in value, because mathematics caps the monetary base at 21M BTC. The New World is eating the old right now. „

US Treasury Secretary-designate Yellen targets cryptocurrencies

US Treasury Secretary-designate Janet Yellen has expressed criticism of cryptocurrencies during a questioning before the Senate. Cryptocurrencies are a dangerous vehicle for financing terrorism.

In a video conference , the future US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen answered questions from the Senate Finance Committee on January 19

The main focus of the hearing was on plans to help free the US economy from its corona economic crisis. But cryptocurrencies were also mentioned.

When asked by Senator Maggie Hassan about the importance the former President of the Federal Reserve attached to cryptocurrencies in the fight against terrorist financing, Yellen replied:

I think that a lot of Crypto Profit, at least in terms of transactions, are mainly used for illegal funding and I think that we really need to investigate ways in which we can limit their use and ensure that money laundering does not take place through these channels.

The statements are given particular weight against the backdrop of the attack on the Capitol

As the blockchain company Chainalysis has proven , significant Bitcoin donations flowed from France to various right-wing extremist organizations that are said to have been involved in the storming of the parliament building.

But even without this incident, Yellen’s stance towards cryptocurrencies is by no means new. Bitcoin and Co. are being written off again and again as popular vehicles for money laundering and terrorist financing. It is still open whether Yellen will pay particular attention to the regulation of cryptocurrencies during her tenure. The economist has yet to be formally confirmed as finance minister by the Senate and would be the first woman ever to hold office.

Die Marktkapitalisierung für Krypto liegt bei einem Steinwurf von 1 Billion US-Dollar

Am 3. Januar 2021 erreichte der Kryptomarkt eine neue Allzeithochbewertung.

Mit 910 Milliarden US-Dollar lag die Anlageklasse für digitale Währungen nahe an der Benchmark von 1 Billion US-Dollar.

Die Dominanz von Bitcoin ist ebenfalls auf ein Dreijahreshoch gestiegen und liegt bei 68%

Möchten Sie mehr wissen? Treten Sie unserer Telegrammgruppe bei und erhalten Sie Handelssignale, einen kostenlosen Handelskurs und tägliche Kommunikation mit Kryptofans!

Das Trust Project ist ein internationales Konsortium von Nachrichtenorganisationen, die Standards für Transparenz entwickeln.

Am 3. Januar 2021 stieg die kumulierte Marktkapitalisierung aller Kryptos auf satte 913 Milliarden US-Dollar, ein neues Allzeithoch.

Zum ersten Mal seit fast drei Jahren erreichte die Krypto-Anlageklasse eine Bewertung von 1 Billion USD oder mehr. Der bisherige Rekord für die Gesamtbewertung des Kryptowährungsmarktes wurde Anfang 2018 erreicht.

Mit einem damaligen Höchststand von rund 830 Milliarden US-Dollar hatte die Anlageklasse keine Chance, die Benchmark zu überschreiten, bevor sie zwischen 2018 und 2020 einer massiven Korrektur unterzogen wurde. Ein starkes Wiederaufleben in jüngster Zeit hat jedoch den Weg für den Kryptomarkt geebnet, endlich eine zu realisieren Bewertung von 1 Billion US-Dollar.

Bitcoin ist jetzt das neuntgrößte Handelsgut der Welt

Top Assets nach Marktkapitalisierung: AssetDash

Laut AssetDash, einer Website, auf der die handelbaren Vermögenswerte der Welt nach Marktkapitalisierung eingestuft werden, ist Bitcoin derzeit das neuntwichtigste Gut der Welt.

Die Kryptowährung ist kürzlich unter die Top 10 gekommen und hat Berkshire Hathaway und Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) erst vor wenigen Tagen übertroffen . Mit rund 600 Milliarden US-Dollar ist Bitcoin nur einen Steinwurf davon entfernt, selbst Tesla und Alibaba zu überholen .

Insbesondere wird Berkshire Hathaway von Warren Buffett geführt – einem berühmten Investor, der Bitcoin und den Kryptowährungsmarkt mehrfach entlassen hat. In einem Fall ging der amerikanische Wirtschaftsmagnat erst 2018 so weit, das digitale Gut als “ Rattengift im Quadrat“ zu bezeichnen .

Top-Krypto-Assets im Alleingang die Gesamtmarktkapitalisierung erhöhen?

Prozentsatz der Dominanz: CoinMarketCap

Eine weitere Metrik, die sich während dieses Bullenlaufs erholt hat, ist die Dominanz von Bitcoin im Vergleich zu anderen digitalen Token. Bitcoin ist für rund 68% der gesamten Krypto-Marktkapitalisierung verantwortlich und steht hoch über seinen Landsleuten. Diese Zahl entspricht einem Dreijahreshoch für das digitale Token, das 2017 einen erheblichen Teil seines Marktanteils verloren hat.

Obwohl Bitcoin fast ein Jahrzehnt lang bequem den Löwenanteil der gesamten Marktkapitalisierung ausmachte, verwässerte die Verbreitung von ICOs und neuen Kryptowährungen während des vorherigen Bullenlaufs seine Dominanz. Laut Angaben von CoinMarketCap fiel diese Kennzahl von 80% Anfang 2017 auf 33% bis Januar 2018.

Es ist jedoch erwähnenswert, dass sich seit dem letzten Bullenlauf viel geändert hat. Zum einen ist der Anlegerwahn um die ersten Münzangebote so gut wie verschwunden , und selbst die bestehenden Altcoin-Bewertungen stagnieren.

Die Menge an institutionellem Geld, das in den Markt fließt, ist ebenfalls in die Höhe geschossen. Infolgedessen drücken das niedrige Angebot und die hohe Nachfrage von Bitcoin seinen Wert offensichtlich weit über den größten Teil seiner Konkurrenz.