OKEx conducted a test withdrawal from the platform

The OKEx crypt exchange conducted withdrawal tests in anticipation of the full recovery of operations.

As noted by the CEO of CryptoQuant analytical platform Ki Yongju, 0.02 BTC ($370 at current exchange rate) was withdrawn from one of OKEx wallets.

Zhu expects that a resumption of withdrawals from OKEx may lead to increased volatility in the cryptovoltaic market, as users are showing significant interest in restoring access to their assets.

OKEx stopped the withdrawal on 16 October after one of its private key holders was unavailable due to an ongoing investigation in China. The Exchange expects to resume outgoing transactions by Friday 27 November.

Preparations to resume withdrawals from OKEx are underway at the same time as its founder, Star Xu, appears on social media. Commenting on recent developments, Xu said that the authorities have ascertained his innocence.